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martial arts   Dear Fellow Martial Artist:


I know exactly how you feel! I felt that way for a long time and I want to help you with your study no matter if you have a local Kyusho teacher, are learning at seminars or trying to do it on your own. 

My name is Art Mason. I began my journey in Pressure Points back in 2001 after attending a George Dillman seminar in London Ontario. This was in fact a turning point in my martial arts career. After the seminar I called the man who sponsored it to find our how I could learn more. This was Grand Master Steve Stewart in London Ontario. He invited me to join his Kyusho study group and I was on my way!

Now GM Stewart is an amazing teacher! he and I worked together for 10 years and that time was the most valuable I ever had. His knowledge is amazing! But my problem? I have been out of school so long I did not know how to study properly, how to organize the information in such a way as to be able to access and study it easily, in a logical manner.

So i decided to organize my learning from the best in the business in eBook form and make i available to you!



martial arts

Novice Pressure Point Workbook

In my first book I have organized the first year of Kyusho study, up to the rank of 1st Dan Black belt in such a way as to supplement your study with enough information to make the process much, much easier then it would be alone. Now I know there are other great books our there on pressure points. But honestly i find they jump around a lot and thus the information is very hard to internalize!

My novice book is over 100 pages of information and diagrams to help you achieve your goals of being able to use pressure points in your current martial art style without changing what you are doing in that style! The book comes in PDF format and is also printable for you so you can take notes easily as you are learning!

Now here is my offer! I am going to give you this fantastic resource for only $29.00 in Canadian Funds! If you are in the USA or Europe that is an even better value for you considering the exchange rates.

Plus as a bonus you can join our online novice study group which will get you FREE updates, access to FREE video and more to enhance your study! For private lessons I charge $100 per hour and our novice study group in dojo is $75 per session! this is a great way to learn this art, especially if you don't have a local teacher!




 martial arts

Advanced Pressure Point eBook

This is the ultimate resource for the advanced Kyusho practitioner! Designed for 1st Dan to 3rd Dan students  cover everything from Alarm Points to Advanced Principles of Kyusho. This is also a printable manual but contains active links to support videos to help you remember and learn!

This is a must have for all pressure point students who have had a year or so of training in the art. Like the novice eBook it is organized into easy study stages for ultimate learning and retention!

As a bonus you can enrolled in our Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course! This is totally free of charge and will provide you with valuable information to enhance your current study!


All this for ONLY $49 in Canadian funds! Don't wait this offer will not last long!!! 




 martial arts

Master's Kyusho eBook

This is the ultimate guide for any martial artist who wishes to be a true master of Kyusho Jitsu. However I will warn you, it is NOT for beginners! You need a solid working knowledge of the basics and much of the advanced techniques also! I strongly suggest reading the first 2 book before purchases this one.

Much of this information is not known in the Kyusho world. It comes from many year, and a lot of investment in time and money learning this amazing art from the best in the world!

This book includes so much information it will take you a long time to assimilate it! There are so some video links to help with certain concepts in this book. This is a NEW and REVISED EDITION for 2016!

In this book I cover the following:

  • Advanced Alarm Point Theory
  • More principles for Kyusho Jitsu
  • Links to Video to show applications
  • Body Typing
  • Directional energy theory
  • Special Alarm Points
  • Indicator Points
  • Confluent Points
  • Influential Points
  • And much much more!

The cost of this workbook is a steal at $49 Canadian!




PS!! One more important thing!

martial arts

If for any reason within the first 30 days of purchase you are not happy with our eBooks

I will happily refund the purchase price! No Questions asked! So this is risk free!